spirit smells teenage

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Frances Bean Cobain!


closest thing yer gonna get . 

Teenage Angst has paid off well,now im bored and old.

scentless apprentice


Spencer Elden better known as the baby on Nirvanas album “Nevermind” talks about how he’s working with OBEY and teaming up with shepard fairey (AKA the guy who came up with the famous obama hope painting)  .

so thankful that this kid didnt turn out to be an asshole , kid seems really cool , and he skates!  

thank god .

"come on over and do the twist
over do it and have a fit
love you so much it makes me sick ."

- kurt cobain

Day 01 - Your favorite song

girl skateboarder brian andersons tattoo , SO sick .
Fuck yeahhh .