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i have a weird fascination with brassy sounds . i think its because of this song ;…

Justice - New Lands (Falcon Remix) 

"It’s funny you say that because one of the parts of my Grammy speeches that wasn’t put on YouTube was when I said [Justice’s] Cross should have won a Grammy. That is a fucking perfect album. I’m afraid to step up to that because that’s a real album. You can play those songs out and you can listen to the whole thing through on your own. They did something completely different. I mean, I was ripping off the French guys on My Name is Skrillex before I was doing dubstep anyway."

- skrillex on justice’ album 

the only one that doesnt want to sell out is the one looking up 
took a trip to atlanta yesterday to see justice . this shit blew my mind 

Mike Snow - In Search Of (Joneses Remix) 

free download 


joneses - daft punk vs. shook

something about this moment 

happy holidays everyone :)

Omgomgomg . Bout to buy these tickets as soon as I get someone to get me there !!!

Joneses-Moves like Apollo(Breakbot vs.Christina Aguilera vs. Avicii vs. Foster the People vs. Rhianna vs. Beyonce vs. Foo Fighters)

free download yo

Joneses-Moves like Apollo (Breakbot vs.Christina Aguilera vs. Avicii vs. Foster the People vs. Beyonce vs. Rihanna vs. Foo Fighters)

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leaked justice tour dates . no US dates ):

According to AllThingsD, this photo I took is the #1 best selling Flickr photo that Getty Images sells. I am as surprised as you are.

Some background: This photo was taken at Madison Square garden while drunk during a Justice concert with a shitty Canon Powershot.

Of course it is . Justice + Madison square garden +   drunkess = epicness , always

All Manner of Things.: Justice to headline Field Day 2012


justiceField Day, the first festival of the year will be back again in 2012 and whether you intend on saving your New Years celebrations for an all-day party in the Domain or pulling an all nighter, one thing is for sure - you’ll be kicking off the New Year with some sweet as tunes.

Decided to mashup and give tribute to one of my favorite DJs/songs ever ; Mehdi/Signature . Hopefully this doesnt disappoint . free download http://soundcloud.com/joneses/joneses-dj-mehdi-tribute-daft

Joneses-DJ MEHDI TRIBUTE (DJ Mehdi vs. Daft Punk vs. La Roux vs. Chromeo vs. Lykke Li vs. Chromeo vs. Katy Perry)