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i really wish i knew how to speak french right about now 

Joneses-Moves like Apollo(Breakbot vs.Christina Aguilera vs. Avicii vs. Foster the People vs. Rhianna vs. Beyonce vs. Foo Fighters)

free download yo

Joneses-Moves like Apollo (Breakbot vs.Christina Aguilera vs. Avicii vs. Foster the People vs. Beyonce vs. Rihanna vs. Foo Fighters)

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so i guess oizo didnt hit some girl in the eye with a champagne bottle whilst on acid

check his twitter . haha i so wish it was

Decided to mashup and give tribute to one of my favorite DJs/songs ever ; Mehdi/Signature . Hopefully this doesnt disappoint . free download http://soundcloud.com/joneses/joneses-dj-mehdi-tribute-daft

Joneses-DJ MEHDI TRIBUTE (DJ Mehdi vs. Daft Punk vs. La Roux vs. Chromeo vs. Lykke Li vs. Chromeo vs. Katy Perry)

I’m gonna start putting the word boobs on my glasses , seems like a good idea to me
Cant believe it one of my favorite djs and super talented musicians has passed : I’ve never met him or even been to one of his shows but I listen to so much of this guys music and read about him it’s like I knew him and when I heard the news that he had passed it felt like I lost someone that was close to me .   He was such an inspiration to me . Even though I haven’t seen him play live I would YouTube clips  of his live shows to find songs to play myself and they would always be amazing . He was basically why I became a dj . After watching a clip of Thomas bangalter at cinespace playing his tune Signature and seeing how sick it was and how much fun everybody in the place was having  , I knew this is what I wanted to do . My blessings go out to his wife Fafi , his son and the Ed banger crew . You will be missed . RIP


Ed Banger Records Fall 2011 Delivery - Looks like the Ed Banger crew is gonna have an awesome end to a stellar year!

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  Beastie Boys feat. Santigold -Don’t Play No Game That I Can’t Win (SebastiAn Remix)

sebastiAn - enio vs organia (joneses edit)