spirit smells teenage

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dntel x drake - best i ever had (joneses 2009 remix)

Joneses- Burnin’ (Beach Fossils vs. Drake vs. Smashing Pumpkins vs. KId Cudi)

download here. 

some of my best friends are white

Who would have thought
I’d be caught in this life?
Let’s celebrate with a toast
And get lost in tonight
And make it all light up
Wait until the sun goes down
We gon’ make this bitch light up
Wait until the sun goes down
I’m gon’ make this go

Thank Me Later

solid ass album . its like so far gone 2.0 imo . i cant hate on one song , well maybe one but thats it . cant say that about too many albums that come out nowadays .

"Yeah..it’s like, I know what I gotta say I just don’t know how to say it…to you"