spirit smells teenage

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Lana Del Rey-Dark Paradise (Joneses Remix)

new shit from me 

Crystal Castles- Air War (Joneses Remix)


gonna start posting my works in progress here . and here only if you could give me some feedback if you think these tracks are worth pursuing (or not) and finishing let me know . heres the first little snippet i dont know what im gonna do with this one

tumblrrrrr heres my first attempt in music production other than mashups . heres my first remix i did from one of my favorite artists . all done with ableton live . give it a listen 

Kanye West - Coldest Winter (Joneses Remix)

gonna upload my new remix tonight!

dont you haate it

when youre working on a track and you think its finished but you leave it alone for a couple of days , relisten to it and want to start all over ?