spirit smells teenage

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I saw your picture hangin’ on the back of my door
Won’t give you my heart
No one lives there anymore
And we were lovers
Now we can’t be friends
Fascination ends
Here we go again
Cause it’s cold outside, when you coming home
Cause it’s hot inside, isn’t that enough
I’m not in love

(via gyara2)

"if u dont like trance , you won’t get in my pants"


Grilled Grilled Cheese

s/o to grilled cheese and grilled grilled cheese sandwiches 

(via thecultureofme)

S/o to Lars and the real girl . Disturbing / hilarious / beautiful / touching all at the same time


Satisfy by Nero http://ift.tt/1sKa5yo

DAMN . Nero 2k14 acidy sounds >



Genres don’t matter . A good song is a good song




Kerosene mix // 2014 DJ set


I can’t stand when people don’t respond back to something I ask them . been happening all day today . I’ve been trying hard not to do it to others cause it’s super annoying ugh

phaedrai asked: do yous like crystal castles??


s/o 2 crystal castles